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EC Studio Introduces: MYCONDOLOGIN.COM

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Enhance Your Condo or Organization

I have a close-up section that highlights a new project: MYCONDOLOGIN.COM. This site, hosted by ECSTUDIO, was built in response to several condo clients who needed a self-managing condominium portal for their Board and Property Manager. It's goal is to solve the top complaints of condo owners ...

  • "Why do I never hear from our Condo Directors?"
  • "I don't know what's going on around here?!?"
  • "Where are all our Association Documents and Rules?"
  • "Why is it so hard to keep mailing lists for our Association?"
  • "How do we transition from one Board Member to another each year?"
  • "How do my friends find directions to my unit and our visitor parking spots?"

Find out more about it and try the live demo


Responsive Design

Your site automagically adapts to look great on desktops, tablets and smartphones

Easy Editing

Approved authors can just click on a simple [ edit ] symbol on any page to update information, including documents and images!

Both Secure and Public Sites

Your site includes both secure pages protected by private login, as well as public pages for posting information to visitors and service providers

Pre-loaded Unit Owner Profiles

EC Studio does the intial setup of your unit profiles for you, which you can then manage online. Change who is marked as a Board Member, update email addresses, change owners, and more!

Get Your Property Manager Involved Too!

Easy addition of a Property Manager or other website assistant to help keep info up-to-date

Simplified Pricing

An intial setup fee (based on size of Association) and then just $15/month, billed annually. That's $15/month for the whole site, not per unit!

Information Site

Past Portfolio Samples by EC Studio

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EC Studio's Client Services

DESIGN: Where style enhances function

DESIGN: Where style enhances function

At EC Studio, we follow these design guidelines:

  • Your branding and message come FIRST
  • Crisp, clean layouts to enhance your content and message
  • Specialty: adding on-line editing controls so you can help keep your own site up-to-date and relevant, without the complexity of WordPress!
  • Design for mobile devices first, with automatic up-scale to desktop
  • Rich galleries with captions to catch the visitor's attention
  • Easy, clear navigation that scales to your device elegantly
  • Modest use of "eye candy" effects that can sometimes distract as much as they enhance

CODE: making the magic happen

We develop your site with these specialty skills:

  • Custom imagery produced with PhotoShop
  • Web pages with modern HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript coding
  • Responsive designs utilizing Bootstrap and media queries
  • Page banners with rich typography and elegant animation
  • Image galleries that click and swipe
  • Navigation controls and graphical elements that enhance desktop mode and elegantly disappear for smartphones
  • Clean, symantically correct code for optimal indexing by Google and other search engines
  • Integration with Google Analytics for website tracking and visitor information

WEBSITE HOSTING: Making it easy & inexpensive

EC Studio offers a great hosting package for you:

  • Unlimited website space and traffic for a low monthly fee
  • Domain Name registration and management for as little as $20 per year
  • Email accounts tied to your website and domain name, complete with webmail and anti-spam
  • One bill per year covers all your hosting and email!